Well hello there! Welcome to my shop, Klassy Kouture. I'm the owner Courtney and I work with a fabulous team to design / manufacture our trademarked and patented TuTushies™. I received a photocommunications degree from Texas Tech. 

What's a TuTushie™? 

Well it's simply really. . . it's a tutu on the TUSH! And dare I say it, the most fashionable hottest selling onesie around! TuTushies™ come in a variety of designs and colors, with new ideas constantly percolating in my brain. Seriously, sometimes it's hard to shut it down! 

At Klassy Kouture, we offer more than TuTushies™.  

We have a new line of toddler clothes complete with tons of accessories. Our products are hand selected and priced for fashionable, smart, and klassy shoppers like yourself.  

How in the world did I get started? 

Well, let's see. . . Klassy Kouture started as the smallest idea and has tripled in what feels like overnight. (Although I've been at this for years!) Starting part-time in the beginning to now working full-time managing this business. 

So what does all this mean for our klassy customers?

We have recently rebranded, including a new website, so please spend some time window shopping! You'll see promotions for discounts and will be able to shop online. We also will be coordinating with our Facebook page, so make sure you like us to get even more klassy specials! 

We are blessed to be selling retail online, working with the swankiest boutiques around the country, and even have a retail space in Ruidoso, New Mexico. 

Having a clothing line is something I never thought I could do, until one day I realized I could do this.  What a crazy ride this has been, but such a blessing! 


If you have any questions on sizes, styles, fashion, or availability please give me a shout: info@klassykouture.com

Happy shopping!